Mediline Logistics has teamed with industry leading software developers to bring QSmart Technology to you. This proven software already provides ticketing and registrations to the largest theme parks across North America and UK.


Mediline Logistics introduces QSmart Technology as its solution. An aggregator service platform that comes with a smartphone application to display queue statistics for consumer services such as banking, hospital, government agencies, theme parks and large venues to handle the load securely and efficiently.

This tactical technology will allow the public to register for vaccinations in simple steps that improve convenience, compliance, and peace of mind.

SaaS Solution

Mediline Logistics solution is an internet-based Software as a Service (SaaS) model that supports web, clinic locations, and mobile booking on real-time, all sharing the same database.

As a hosted system, Mediline Logistics and its software partners take on the responsibility for uptime, backups, redundancy, security, and compliancy of the system.

This approach satisfies our clients need for a system that is easy to use, support and maintain. This model also eliminates the need for additional IT staff, support personnel and the requirement for on-going software update.



Checking in and authenticating each patron gives the control to properly authorize each person on arrival for the correct time slot and location.







Wi-Fi enabled or mobile network enabled SIM cards

Once the appointment confirmation ticket is scanned, the bar code is validated with the database in real time, and the scanner responds with a preset menu of responses. The customer record is updated in real time showing the barcode scanned, as well as date and time scanned for the appropriate clinic location.


Launching Tactical Technology to STOP COVID-19
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