Mediline Logistics' and it’s partners introduce Q-Smart queuing solution, keeping the customer experience 100% in your hands. Checking in and authenticating each guest gives the control to properly authorize each registrant on arrival for the correct time slot and location.

Scenerio A
Without Mediline Logistics

Public in a panic tries to contact and visit local facilities, assessment centres, medical clinics, and hospitals but unable to accommodate demand —overwhelms system and personnel. This may increase rapid public gatherings, with no tracking available to accommodate supplies and support workers as needed.


Creates disorder, confusion, instability, fear, anger, media criticism and public mistrust.


Scenerio B
With Mediline Logistics

Public calmly and easily registers online and is always kept informed.

a) Ensures a place for everyone
b) Keeps public gatherings to a minimum
c) Knowing who is scheduled prepares clinics and assessment centres for its demand for supplies and needed support workers to schedule


Increase public confidence and compliance.
a) Provides real time answers to questions. Builds confidence.
b) Achieves goal of timely and competent access to vaccine.


Participant Journey

infographic infographic


Registering with Mediline Logistics using the Qsmart Queuing System

  • Guests receive a letter or email with a QR code inviting them to register
  • Guest scans QR code with their smartphone to access their Qsmart session
  • Can be accessed on PC for non-smartphone users
  • Guest enters their email address to access their Qsmart session
  • Guest can add family members by scanning their QR code


Choosing a
Vaccination Centre

  • Vaccination centres within the electoral district are visible on the map and can be filtered according to set criteria
  • Vaccination centres within the electoral district are visible on the list page with key information
  • Vaccination centres have a page with information about opening hours, accessibility, and other services available


Making a

  • Vaccination centre page gives options for next available and book for later
  • Choosing next available reservation and starts a countdown
  • Choosing book for later presents options for number of guests, date and time slot
  • Once a reservation is made the countdown shows
  • When the reservation time comes up the QR code appears for validation

Non-Smartphone Guests

  • Account setup completed on PC
  • Print-at-Home reservation reminder with location, time and QR code


  • Some capacity set aside for walk-ins
  • Allocated to a time slot and called forward by centre staff

Basic Reports for COVID-19 Assessment Centres and Clinics

The number of clinics and assessment centres for service are unlimited.

Predetermined spacing of appointment times are predetermined EXAMPLE: five minutes for one location — every 15 at another.) Based on the service level input by clinics and assessment centres.

Benefits to Clinic Staff

  • Manages scheduled appointments
  • Record notes on patron profile (Registration)
  • Access patron questionnaire
  • Limit patron duplication
  • Security based permissions
  • No server hardware to maintain (SaaS solution)
  • Appointment reminders
  • Check-in and authorize each guest using a bar code confirmation - Know who has arrived, and who hasn't

The Benefit to Registrants

  • Real-time display of available clinics and its available times
  • Easy to register. Responsive design for mobile and PC
  • Ability to register an individual or a (group) family
  • Peace of mind knowing they have a specific appointment booked
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING with decreased attendance
  • Safe and secure registrations


Launching Tactical Technology to STOP COVID-19
The fight ends here.