Although there would be no transactions processed. The Mediline Logistics solution is a fully PCI Level 1 compliant solution hosted in a secure data center that is equipped with the latest firewall and intrusion detection technologies. Security is a primary deliverable.

All database servers are behind firewalls that restrict outside traffic. All servers have the latest Anti-Virus protection application and updated daily. Various options are in place such as image verification and password enabled events to safeguard from scripter's that may attempt to grab large volume of patron inventory. We’ve locked this down.

Implementation Timeline

We are prepared to create, implement, and launch Mediline Logistics COVI D-19 solution within 30 days of contract approval, subject to client's timely fulfillment of project responsibilities.

Technical Support

The Mediline Logistics solution supports our client base with the assignment of a dedicated Client Services Manager (CSM). The CSM manages all aspects of the installation, training and ongoing support. The benefit of this model is that the CSM knows your business, has interacted, and trained your staff and understands your operations requirements. We ensure that a Client Services Manager is on call 24/7/365 to provide emergency support to all clients.

We look at our client relationships as partnerships. We understand the demands of your business and will be there when you need us. This is our duty.

Although each client is assigned a specific CSM to service their needs, all Client Services staff members are able to provide support in the case that the assigned CSM is unavailable. This is our responsibility.

Emergency Escalation

Tech Support staff is available, where calls are answered and where issue resolution begins. If issues require additional support personnel, the event is escalated to top level support. Support cases remain open and active until the issues are resolved to the client's satisfaction.

A live member of the support team is always available to assist. Our software is a global application with tech support routinely provided from remote locations. As the application is internet based, onsite support is rarely required but it’s there if needed.

Mediline Logistics system features. Client support is provided with CSM's on both the East and West Coast.


Mediline Logistics is specifically designed to enable remote training. We provide initial and continuous training to all your organizational staff and the cost is always included in your contracted fee. Training is performed on a Development Site that contains all the features and functionality of the live system. Training is provided to each specific client's user groups (e.g., Administration, Support Staff, and Assessment Centre Locations).


Employees Assigned to the Project

With Mediline Logistics you are set up for success right from the beginning with a dedicated Customer Service Manager who is there with you from installation, through training and continues to provide ongoing support.


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