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Live Event Ticketing Software Company Pivots to COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution and Inventory Control

Mediline's queueing technology is prepared to deliver a real-time, comprehensive patient booking experience.

LONDON, ON. November 30, 2020 — Ticketwindow founder Paul Rivard recognized early on in the COVID-19 pandemic that rising case numbers and public concern has put immense pressure on Canada's healthcare sector and his company could provide a technology solution. By supporting transformation for one industry, he could enable efficient and patient-focused processes in the collective fight for public health and recovery.

With decades of experience leveraging sophisticated and user-friendly crowd logistics technology, Ticketwindow delivers order and confidence to the masses attending live events of all varieties. Now, it's ready to pivot this innovative booking software to the front lines of a pandemic.

A new collaborative venture with key international partners, Mediline, draws a straight connection between the organizational and people challenges faced by high-volume live events, directly to assessment centres, medical clinics and hospitals administering COVID-19 tests and ultimately, vaccines. The common denominators — lots of people, unpredictable wait times, and little information readily available.

Mediline's solution streamlines booking times for COVID-19 testing and eventually queueing appointments for vaccinations. Members of the public would receive personal logins to the booking system, reserve an individual or family block of time at a centre in their district, and undergo a contactless check-in upon arrival. A convenient and transparent process that eliminates generalized or specific trepidation for each user. Each patient knowing where and when they will be able to access the medical services needed.

"Queueing is what we know," said Rivard. "We're professionals at what we do. Mediline can make it easier for everyone — patients and practitioners alike — as we aim to help get business back to normal again. This is about keeping the patient lines moving and medical teams confident in their inventory, for everything from cotton swabs to the vaccine doses."

Providing users a full view of available centres and times, Rivard notes, would be crucial to instilling confidence in the testing and/or vaccination process, as well as encouraging compliance with current public health restrictions. "It will reduce public anxiety, frustration, and the fear that arises with uncontrolled lineups or unanswered phone calls."

"I am impressed by Paul's vision and quick mobilization of a critical offering for the mass distribution of vaccines in 2021," said James Campbell, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at TechAlliance. "Given Ticketwindow's success in crowd logistics, Mediline's product and expertise behind it is a solution that fits contemporary needs to organize people. This platform could become instrumental in the fight against COVID-19."

Canada's healthcare system and frontline workers would greatly benefit by having a seamless delivery method to distribute critical medical services. Rivard says the existing framework is adaptable and Mediline's partners in software can adjust the offerings to suit the needs of participating centres.

"This technology introduced by Mediline targets a need that the public, our healthcare heroes and government have experienced in the recent state of public health," said Christina Fox, Chief Executive Officer of TechAlliance. "Committed to enabling growth for world-changing ventures, TechAlliance recognizes our role in advocating for innovative solutions with our collective recovery in mind. We're proud to support Mediline as they enter the market."

Rivard says Mediline's solution originated in preparation for eventual mass vaccination efforts, but the booking system is also a perfect fit for assessment and testing, as it can handle several clinics and remote locations simultaneously.

"Mediline introduces a straightforward solution to impending challenges that government and health professionals face as they plan for vaccine distribution," said Rachel Ettinger, Strategic Advisor at TechAlliance. "We need to champion technology adoption like this going into the new year. The ease Mediline can bring for booking appointments for large populations could make a dramatic difference for health professionals and medical clinics everywhere."

Mediline continues to rally support and gather feedback from experts for this vital tool as the coming months will be crucial to shaping their product around industry needs and changing expectations. Planning for mass vaccination delivery methods has started at Mediline. Rivard knows the clock is ticking. "We have the resources and the solution. We are ready to move in the right direction."


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