Mediline Logistics streamlines the process of scheduling mass medical testing and vaccinations. During a mass vaccination event Mediline Logistics provides a proven SaaS solution that increases scheduling efficiency.

Our technology was developed for the high demand, high traffic event ticket market. This software has been distributed millions of concert tickets for thousands of venues and theme parks. It’s proven.

But there is a lot more to it than just software. Mediline Logistics delivers the highest security with flexible adaptations to meet your needs. Our tools effectively manage the registration of each citizen through easy to use feature-rich technology. Just as important is the excellent customer service support we provide giving us a close relationship with our clients.

Mediline Logistics solution in response to COVID-19 is tactically positioned to handle the load with a model that allows Health Departments in each city and region to properly organize the online registration portal. Mediline Logistics still provides one single umbrella system and database for all facilities and assessment centre administering screenings, evaluations and vaccinations.

Adaptive but simple to navigate content management tools allow for a specific, easy to use, online experience. Permission-based administration can be controlled and provide a defined backend user's access to the operations of the different constituents. Information at your fingertips in real time.

As a fully responsive user interface registrants can easily browse an assessment of locations and select the one closest to them and register for the best/next available date and time. All through a PC or smartphone and tablet.


Launching Tactical Technology to STOP COVID-19
The fight ends here.